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Call For Papers

ATTENTION! IMAPS wants you to know about some very exciting events that are coming up in 2000, whether you would like to submit an abstract or attend, please take a few minutes to review this communication. Should you decide to submit an abstract or want more information, please specify the meeting, since there are many options:

International Conference and Exhibition on High Density & Systems Packaging
Meeting Date: April 26-28, 2000
Abstract Cut-off Date: October 1, 1999
Meeting at the Adamís Mark Hotel, Denver, Colorado

International Advanced Technology Workshop on Flip Chip Technology
Meeting Date: March 3-5, 2000
Abstract Cut-off Date: November 20, 1999
Meeting at the Chateau Elan Winery, Braselton, Georgia

International Advanced Technology Workshop on Integrated Passives Technology
Meeting Date: April 28-29, 2000
Abstract Cut-off Date: January 7, 2000
Meeting at the Chateau Elan Winery, Braselton, Georgia

IMAPS 2000 - 33rd International Symposium on Microelectronics
Meeting Date: September 19-21, 2000
Abstract Cut-off Date: February 4, 2000
Meeting at the Hynes Convention Center, Boston, Massachusetts

Click here for Instructions on how to submit abstracts and papers

Closed Calls
The abstract cut-off dates are occasionally extended. To find out whether abstracts are still being accepted on the meetings below contact Jackki Morris by E-Mail: or by Phone: 703-758-5164

International Symposium on Advanced Packaging Materials:
Processing, Properties and Interfaces

Meeting Date: March 6-8, 2000
Abstract Cut-off Date: September 1, 1999
Meeting at the Chateau Elan, Braselton, Georgia

Meeting Date: Feb 21-24, 2000
Abstract Cut-off Date: September 15, 1999
Meeting at the J.N. Tata Auditorium, IISc, Bangalore - India

General Information about our "Calls for Papers"
IMAPS solicits papers for the annual symposium and various other conferences and workshops throughout the year.
Papers are being sought for, but not limited to, the following subjects:
Active Devices (Detectors, Sensors, MEMs, Optoelectronics, Superconductors)
Automotive Electronics
Ball Grid Array Packages
Chip Scale Packages
Design, Modeling, Simulation (Reliability,Thermal Management) Emerging Technologies
Flex Circuits
High Density Packaging
Intelligent Transportation
Interconnects, Bonding (Flip Chip, Wire Bonding)
Laser Processing
Management & Marketing
Medical Electronics
Microwave Packaging
Mobile Electronics
Multichip Modules
Polymeric Materials
Power Packaging
Printed Wiring Boards
Programs in Mexican Maquiladoras
Satellite Communications
Surface Mount Technology
Thick Film Materials
Thin Film Materials
Wireless Packaging

Get involved submit an abstract of your work!

If you are interested in submitting an abstract for any of the above events contact Jackki Morris at (703)758-5164 or email the abstract (200-300 pages long) to

Information for IMAPS Authors


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