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Call for Proposals - PRC/IMAPS Undergraduate Research Fellowships in Microelectronics Packaging

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The IMAPS Educational Foundation: 
Making a Difference!

There is no question! What Americaís college graduates do today determines the future of our economic development tomorrow. Based on this, IMAPS has created the IMAPS Educational Foundation, dedicated to making a difference in Americaís future technological competitiveness. The Educational Foundation aids our nationís universities in the recruitment and support of highly qualified engineers and scientists, the individuals that will develop technologies and products fueling our future economic growth. Since 1986, the IMAPS Educational Foundation has made the difference by assisting nearly 100 U.S. students with the opportunity to pursue advanced degrees in the development of microelectronics, engineering, and materials science technologies. Since it's inception, the Educational Foundation has granted 142 research grants totaling $874,000. In addition, the Foundation has made the difference by providing our nationís microelectronics industries with well-trained, qualified graduates and beneficial research performed at Americaís top universities.

Educational Foundation Efforts

In the global economy, knowledge is king. And those that excel at creating new knowledge and transforming that into new technologies will prosper in the years to come.
Business Week, April 6, 1992

The IMAPS Educational Foundation is dedicated to a long-term goal of promoting development in microelectronics technology. In addition, the Foundation encourages leadership in the microelectronics industry and emerging advanced technologies. In order to meet these goals the IMAPS Educational Foundation administers and underwrites the following educational programs:

Graduate Research Grants

The Foundation provides research grants to students pursuing advanced degrees in engineering, materials science and disciplines relevant to the growth and development of microelectronics technology. Your contribution to this program enables you to participate in the development of qualified individuals for government, industry and educational institutions, while simultaneously preparing the microelectronics industry leaders of tomorrow.
Grants of $6,000 are provided to U.S. citizens and permanent residents based on student-submitted research proposals. Review criteria include technical approach, potential for enhancement of the studentís professional skills and potential for technology transfer to the industrial community. In addition to receiving educational grants, students are matched with volunteer mentors who provide technical insights and facilitate networking opportunities within the industrial community. 

Best Student Paper of Symposium Award

In order to encourage and increase student participation in IMAPS activities, the Foundation has established the Best Student Paper of Symposium Award. Based on criteria established by IMAPSís National Technical Program Committee, the $250 award recognizes a full-time student for outstanding manuscript and paper presentation at IMAPSís annual technical meeting.

Frequent Questions Asked About the IMAPS Educational Foundation

Q: How does my support of the IMAPS Educational Foundation differ from my support of IMAPS itself?
A: The IMAPS Educational Foundation was established in 1986 as a separate tax-exempt organization for the sole purpose of supporting educational opportunities to U.S. citizens and residents pursuing advanced degrees in the field of microelectronics. Since the Foundationís inception, organizational and individual members as well as the local IMAPS chapters, have provided nearly $800,000 in donations toward the goal of assisting nearly 150 individuals in the achievement of advanced degrees.

Q: Who reviews student proposals and decides which students will receive an educational opportunity?
A: All grant decisions are made and awarded by a panel of selected experts and knowledgeable people working on a voluntary basis. Volunteers are responsible for raising money for the Foundation and for establishing the Foundationís goals and objectives.

Q: How much of my contribution is used for educational programs vs. administrative costs?
A: 99 cents of every $1 go toward the educational programs sponsored by the IMAPS Educational Foundation. Administrative expenses for the Educational Foundation are provided through the support of IMAPS allowing your full Foundation contribution to be used in support of educational programs that ensure the future of new microelectronic technology.

Q: I already pay dues to IMAPS. Will an additional contribution to the Educational Foundation really make a difference?
A: YES! IMAPS dues provide a broad range of services to members but are not sufficient to provide for all the programs crucial to the future of the microelectronics industry. To properly guarantee this future, it will take an extra effort on everyoneís part.

You Can Make the Difference!

In efforts to strive for top educational and research opportunities, the IMAPS Educational Foundation can only be as successful as you make it. Your contribution to the IMAPS Educational Foundation is tax-deductible and will undoubtedly go a long way in assuring that tomorrowís microelectronics industry leaders have the resources that they need today. In addition, all contributions will be acknowledged in the Advancing Microelectronics Journal.

For more information about the Foundation, contact Nancy Stengel, IMAPS Director of Marketing.

The Educational Foundation is Directed by the Foundation Board of Trustees:

Mr. Joseph P. McGonnell, Chairman
Emerson & Cuming Specialty 

Phone: 781-402-9100 
Fax: 781-863-6419 
Dr. Chuck E. Bauer 
TechLead Corporation 
Phone: 303-674-8202 
Fax: 303-674-6978 
Dr. Harry K. Charles, Jr. 
The Johns Hopkins University 
Phone: 301-953-5000 
Fax: 301-953-6119 
Mr. Sigurd R. Wathne 
Sikama International, Inc. 
Phone: 805-962-1000 
Fax: 805- 962-6100 
Mr. J. Jeff Gausepohl 
Ablestik Electronic Materials 
Phone: 310-761-4808 
Fax: 310-764-2545 
Mr. Donald W. Hamer 
State of the Art, Inc. 
Phone: 814-355-8004 
Fax: 814-355-2714 
Dr. W. Kinzy Jones
Florida International University 
Phone: 305-348-2345 
Fax: 305-348-1401 
E-mail: @serums.FIU.EDU.Jones.WK
Mr. Charles Q. Scrantom 
Scrantom Engineering, Inc. 
Phone: 714-979-6373 
Fax: 714-979-0468 
Dr. Peter Sexton 
Chemet Corporation 
Phone: 508-226-4470 
Fax: 508-695-4180 
Mr. George G. Harman 
National Institute of Standards & Technology 
Phone: 301-975-2097 
Fax: 301-948-4081 
Dr. Sidney J. Stein 
Electro-Science Laboratories Inc. 
Phone: 610-272-8000 
Fax: 610-272-6759 
Mr. Daniel F. Devoe 
Presidio Components, Inc
Phone: 619-578-9390 
Fax: (800) 538-3880 

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