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Manuscript Preparation Guidelines for Camera Ready Copy
Author's Name(s)
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An informative abstract of 100-250 words should be typed across both columns in italics. Please leave two spaces between the abstract and the title of your first section. The word "Abstract" should be bolded, initially capitalized, and centered above the abstract text.

Key words: List four to six descriptive words across the page (e.g. printing, type style, titles, illustrations, and references).

Printing Your Paper 

Print all typewritten material and graphics on 8.5 x 11 inch, high-quality, white paper. All printed material, including text, illustrations, and charts, must be kept within the parameters of the two-column format. Each column should be 3 inches wide with a .5 inch space between. Left, right and bottom margins should each be one inch. The title page will have a 1.5 inch top margin. Succeeding pages will have a one inch top margin. 

Type Style and Size 

Text is to be printed single-spaced in a 10 pt., easily readable typeface, such as Times New Roman. All paragraphs should be indented .5 inch. Text is to be justified. 

Titles and Headings 

The main title should be printed in an easily readable, 14 pt., boldface type, such as Times New Roman. In the main title, please use initial caps; do not capitalize articles, coordinate conjunctions, and prepositions under four letters in length. For subheadings use a 10 pt., boldface type and initial caps. Do not capitalize articles, coordinate conjunctions, and prepositions under four letters in length. 

Title Page 

The title page should start 1.5 inches from the top and have a 1 inch margin at the bottom and on each side. Follow the instructions for titles as given above. 

Succeeding Pages 

Succeeding pages should follow the same two-column format except all margins should be one inch. 

Illustrations, Graphs, and Photographs 

Illustrations, graphs, and photographs may fit across both columns if necessary, but keep the text in a two-column format. Photographs should be black and white, glossy prints of good contrast. Slides and negatives are not acceptable. Color prints should be avoided. Tag the back of the photos with the author's name and figure number. Indicate the top of each photo by printing the word "top" in the appropriate margin. If you paste on the artwork, rubber cement is recommended. 


Figure and table captions should be in an easily readable 10 pt. bold typeface. Captions to accompany graphics should be written in complete sentences with the same punctuation and capitalization rules applied. The caption is placed above a table and below a figure, picture, or graphic.

Copyright Forms 

Please be sure to include your signed copyright form when you submit your finished paper. We must have this form before your paper can be published in the Proceedings. 

Page Limits 

You are asked to limit the manuscript to six (6) pages. Pages exceeding the six (6) page limit will be levied a charge of $110 per page to cover publication costs. To estimate the length of a manuscript, assume about 850 to 900 words per published page. Each figure or table will generally occupy one-fourth to one-third of a page. The abstract is limited to 250 words. Excess page charges will be invoiced to your organization.  


List and number all bibliographical references at the end of the paper. When referenced within the text, enclose the citation number in square brackets, i.e. [1]. 

Examples of how to reference: 

Presented Paper 

[1] Jack John, "A Fine Presentation", Proceedings of the 1993 Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC), Atlanta, Georgia, August 12-15, pp. 21-33, 1993. 

Journal Article 

[2] Jack John, "A Terrific Paper", Journal of Materials, Vol. 2, No. 3, pp. 22-33, November, 1992. 


[3] Jack John, "A Terrific Book", McGraw-Hill Publishers, second edition, New York, Chapter 2, pp. 22-33, 1993. 


[4] J.P. John, "A Great New Invention", U.S. Patent 2,825,028, September 21, 1994. 


Please. Number pages lightly on the back of each page in pencil or non-repro blue. 

Do Not Put Page Numbers on the Front of the Page.


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